Conscious Awakening Workshops
conscious awakening workshop

Create a memorable and lasting experience at your next event, conference, workshop, or meeting.

Conscious Awakening Workshops are customized programs that can be two hours, half-days, full days or multi-day formats. These workshops are suitable for friends and family, organizations or businesses.

Popular Workshops:

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Workshops are experiential and engaging.

  • Attracting Abundance – Sharing principles from the Millionaire Mind™ and MasterMind Consciousness, this workshop is designed to ignite an abundant life, not just monetarily, but in every way!
  • Living an Authentic Life – For those who are tired of wearing a mask, going through life superficially, or pretending that they are happy, this workshop will bring clarity and empowerment to living the life you were meant to live!
  • Passion, Purpose and Prosperity – Are you simply going through the motions of life? This workshop is designed to ignite the passion in you, giving you motivation and purpose that results in gaining prosperity like you’ve never known.
  • Getting to Know You: Stop Judging and Fall in Love with Yourself – This workshop gives you an in depth awareness of the beliefs that operate below your level of consciousness. They result in destructive thoughts that run your life and keep you from being happy and fulfilled.
  • Dreams Do Come True: Consciously Creating – We now know that we live in a sea of energy; it’s called the quantum field. In this field our thoughts are creating our realities. This workshop is about harnessing your thoughts, letting go of self-sabotaging self-talk and consciously creating a life of your dreams.
  • Five Steps to Realizing Your Dream – This workshop is designed to give you a systematic approach to fulfilling your dreams and neutralizing what is currently standing in your way.
  • Meet and Befriend Your Inner Committee: Experiential Astrology – Getting to know the different parts of yourself and understanding what their role is helps you to break out of old patterns and start living your life from a place of choice. Life stops happening to you and you start utilizing with your natural talents and gifts
  • Dynamic Team Building – This workshop is invaluable in helping team members get to know one another at a level that would take years of working together, if ever.  We focus on communication styles, values, emotional signals, greatest strengths, etc.
  • Stargate Meditations – These are always different, depending on the people who attend and what messages and energies are coming through the Stargate at the time.  See more about the Stargate on the FAQ page.

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Read what others are saying:

Linda is a master at bringing people together to form a closeness and connection in a workshop. Time with her is well-spent.   If you get a chance, treat yourself to a day of discovery and rejuvenation of your spirit. ~ Amy Lawrence – Bothell, WA

Your class brings me joy and happiness… ~ Elizabeth Yeatts – Sacramento, CA

Like your style a lot, minimalist and yet profound. ~ Kate Sholly – Grass Valley, CA

Linda is dedicated to accurately revealing the facts and mysteries of astrology. ~ Dharma Webber – Placerville, CA