Frequently Asked Questions

Conscious Awakening Coaching uses a variety of modalities

What is Transformational Astrology?

This is where it all starts. You don’t have to understand astrology, but understanding your unconscious habit patterns, negative self-talk, hidden fears and judgments starts you on the road to letting go of that which no longer serves you. Instead of living at the unconscious lower vibrations, you can quickly switch to consciously using the unique gifts that you have been given. You are no longer reactive, but responsive from informed consciousness.

What is Evolutionary Astrology?

One way to understand this is to think of your life as a TV series. You pick up from the last episode and in this lifetime are creating a new one. This helps you to not fall back into old patterns, but complete that episode consciously, then proceed on your soul’s journey to your highest potential.

What is Energy Psychology?

This term encompasses a variety of different modalities that work with the energy meridians in the body. We have come to know that energy becomes blocked in these meridians by emotional trauma leading to negative self-talk, unconscious fears, anger, and unexpressed emotions. This stuck energy manifests in stuck lives, holding you back from what you want and deserve. The technique I use most often is called The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as “Tapping”. I have seen “miraculous” results within minutes. Lifelong beliefs and fears, even physical problems melt as the energy begins to flow through those previously blocked meridians. People literally light up right before my eyes.

Another Process is called WHEE (Wholistic hybrid of EMDR and EFT) Instead of tapping on energy meridians, this encompasses activating both sides of the brain to affect change. It’s faster and less complicated than EFT and can be used anywhere!

Heart Assisted Therapy (HAT) was developed by Dr. John Diepold and is a highly effective treatment that focuses on the heart. This is relatively simple process is used to uncover and transform deeply hidden beliefs and traumas that undermine one’s happiness.

What is NLP?

I use a Neurolinguistic Programming technique called “Parts Integration” when the astrological chart, corroborated by the personal story indicates that there are parts that are at odds – squares and oppositions often paralyze lives – like friends who don’t see eye to eye and argue constantly. Again, this technique changes lives within minutes.

I also use NLP techniques when working with coaching clients to help get to the source of what you want and what might be holding you back. So often people think they want something, like losing weight, only to discover that what they really want is to be loved.

What is Dream Coaching?

This is a template or process developed by Marsha Weider, coach to Jack Canfield and other notable figures. We use a workbook that offers sequential steps in achieving your dreams. I use this in conjunction with the astrological chart. This gives a deeper awareness to the unconscious. As Einstein said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” It helps us determine if your dream is actually yours or something you unconsciously think would please your parents or society, and for timing, when the energies are supportive to accomplish what you set out to manifest.

What is Grapho-Therapy?

Another tool that I often use involves handwriting. The astrological chart shows your potential, your handwriting shows how you are using your gifts and where you are caught in self-defeating patterns. Handwriting is actually brain writing. If you wrote with your foot, your mouth, or whatever, your handwriting would show the same characteristics. Your handwriting shows how you are using your chart.

Grapho-therapy involves changing certain strokes of your handwriting, for instance, raising the T-bar on your “t” raises your self-esteem. I know this sounds crazy, but what you are doing is creating new neural pathways in your brain that changes your thinking patterns and thus your experience of life.

What is a Stargate?

I am a certified Stargate Facilitator and this is where you may have to suspend your logical thinking and open your mind to something beyond your current awareness. It requires dropping into your feelings, accessing your inner knowing, to see if this resonates with you.

It has become common knowledge that we live in a quantum universe. Through quantum physics we know everything is energy. A stargate is a sacred geometric structure that serves as a portal to other dimensions. I have found it to be quite “magical” in helping access information from other realms, guiding us to wisdom beyond our limited thinking and experience. By accessing the energy of the stargate we can delve even deeper into your soul’s journey, to truly gain a higher perspective, lifting you out of your everyday life to something beyond your wildest imagination.