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“The Game of Life through the Lens of Astrology”

This video is experiential. It will take you on a journey of self-reflection, empowering you to see your life from a different context. What if life is a game? What if your astrological chart has the answers to why you think, feel and act the way you do? What if your chart could give you an awareness of your “default settings” your unconscious habit patterns, where they came from and why?  The purpose of this video is to give you insight into how astrology can help you play the game of life – consciously – to live a fulfilling life by being your authentic unique self! My mission is to make astrology easy for everyone to understand, by applying it to daily life and presenting it through the feeling realm. So whether you’re brand new to astrology or a seasoned practitioner, I hope you’ll enjoy this free gift.

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Astrology Readings for Individuals

Astrology readings are private consultations that include you in the conversation. During an Astrology Reading, Linda first explains your astrological chart: your potential, unconscious tendencies, automatic reactions, or “default settings”. The awareness to unconscious patterns and understanding your “drop-down menu” of responses to life’s circumstances is called Transformational Astrology. Evolutionary Astrology shows us the energies you were born with and your soul’s destination in this lifetime. Your Astrology Reading provides the key to your unconscious; it serves as your “owner’s manual”. All of these invaluable insights are covered in a detailed two hour session that can take place in person, on Skype or over the phone.

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Conscious Awakening Coaching

Do you want lasting transformation?
Many people are transformed after just one session, but if you are looking for deeper self-awareness and long-term, life-altering change, coaching is for you. It will wake you up from your “story,” empower your unique gifts and support you with a new exciting perspective. Conducted by phone or Skype you’ll be guided to consciously create the life you’ll love living.

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