Astrology Readings

“Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -Carl Jung

In 25 years as a personal growth consultant, Linda has found that the Astrological chart is like an x-ray that reveals your unconscious. It provides a blueprint or map to your experiences in this lifetime. It shows your “default settings”, how you got them and how to grow past them in order to live a joyful life that is in alignment with your passion and purpose.

An Astrology Reading provides deep insight into who you are, why you are here, your special gifts, what is sabotaging your progress and your soul’s journey.

“I truly feel you’ve helped me to rekindle my spark… I see people and events in my life with much more clarity, from the vision of my authentic self.” ~ Linnell Chang

Understanding your chart will allow you to:

  • Introduce you to different parts of yourself
  • Unveil your limiting beliefs
  • Reveal unconscious fears
  • Determine why you react a certain way
  • Discern what patterns are repeating
  • Empower you to choose your responses to life

Why Astrology?

If life is a journey, astrology is a map.

Astrology is not superstition; it is not what you read in the newspapers and magazines. It is the one “science” that has endured since before Babylonian times. Your astrology chart shows us patterns, but it does not show your level of consciousness.

Schedule Your Astrology Reading Today!

Astrology Readings are offered in person, on
Zoom or over the phone. Sessions are two hours unless otherwise specified.

If you are ready to embark on a new chapter of your life, to get a map into your unconscious, tools to assist your transformation, weekly guidance and support, or waking up as a group together, contact Linda today!


Individual Astrology Reading

$150 – 1 hour introduction to your chart
$250 – 2 hours includes Energy Psychology

Astrology Readings for Couples

$350 – 2+ hours

Individual Astrology for Family & Friends

$125/person- Three person minimum. Duration varies with number of participants.

Individual Astrology for the Workplace

$125/person – Three person minimum. Duration varies with number of participants.

After your initial consultation, you may find you want to deepen your understanding with the following adjunct astrology readings. Adjunct astrology readings are $200 for individuals. Purchase a package of four for $450. Please inquire for two or more.

Astrology Tune-Up

An Astrology Tune-Up is extremely helpful when you are in transition or are considering change in your life. This astrology reading helps identify current energies that may be supporting or challenging you at this time. It will bring clarity and understanding to know what to do to make the most of the upcoming planetary aspects and to plan accordingly.

Solar Returns

Solar Return readings are done around your birthday and show what’s in store for the year ahead. This astrology reading reveals how your current energies compare to your natal/birth chart and helps you to make the most of your year. Learn when to work with the energies as opposed to them unconsciously working on you.

Astrology Update

An Astrology Update is great for those who want to be aware of how planetary movements affect daily energies. There is such a wealth of information within the chart itself, and it is constantly being influenced as the planets continue to move – transits, and progressions give us an up-to-date status of your energies, to help you grow in consciousness as you move through life.

Advanced techniques used in your Astrology Readings

Transformational Astrology

You don’t have to understand astrology, but understanding your unconscious patterns, negative self-talk, hidden fears and judgments starts you on the road to letting go of that which no longer serves you. Instead of living at the unconscious lower vibrations, you can quickly switch to consciously using the unique gifts that you have been given. You are no longer reactive, but responsive from informed consciousness.

Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology shows the energies you were born with and your soul’s intention in this lifetime. It reveals the development of the soul in your previous lifetimes – your innate imprints. It can prevent you from falling back into old patterns. Evolutionary Astrology unveils the “why” in these patterns and empowers you to create a reality reflecting your soul’s journey. You don’t have to believe in past lives or understand your soul to benefit from this information.

Know Thyself