Linda Kubota Byrd

The mission of Conscious Awakening Coach, Linda Kubota Byrd, is to ignite, illuminate and inspire authentic living. Humanity is awakening, moving from a material focus to following your heart’s calling. This means leaving a life of sameness and mediocrity and moving toward enriching your life in EVERY way. Conscious Awakening clients discover what it is that makes them truly happy! Find out what gifts are unique to you and what unconscious beliefs are holding you back. It’s time to live your life with passion and purpose. To live each day authentic, whole and fulfilled!

Like many of you, Linda has held a multitude of titles over the years; dental hygienist, pharmaceutical rep/manager for Scherer Laboratory, Manager for Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, Chief Operating Officer and Consultant for T.H.E. Design, Business and Marketing Consultant, etc.. The “job” that she has enjoyed the most, the one that has made her heart sing for over 20 years, is being a personal growth consultant.

The life of your dreams begins with the unfolding of consciousness from within. Jiulio Consiglio
Coming from the corporate world, Linda had a custom home on the water on Camano Island, WA, a 30 foot sailboat, a new company car, plenty of money, generous expense account, and a supportive husband. They traveled first class, vacationing all over the world. Linda earned the highest rating as a manager and from the outside looked like a “success.” She had everything that she thought would make her happy – but the truth is, she was miserable! Somewhere while climbing the ladder to success, she lost track of herself and her true purpose.

Linda was leading a double life. She wore designer suits by day and healing crystals by night. She began taking personal growth workshops through The Aspire Foundation (Now called The Awareness Institute) and after traveling to workshops from Seattle and Austin, she eventually quit her job and devoted herself to being a member of their team. Helping others find their true selves became her sole/soul purpose for over 10 years! Her consulting practice evolved from there along with adding a plethora of other self-awareness and healing modalities. Linda has a passion for learning so her coaching tools continue to grow. As synchronicity would have it, she often learns something new that is perfect for her next client.

Over the years Linda had studied Transformational Astrology, became a Reiki Master, was certified in NLP and Evolutionary Astrology, studied handwriting analysis, grapho-therapy, Emotional Intelligence and Energy Psychology (EFT, HAT, WHEE). She earned certificates from Communications Unlimited, and Performance Resources Inc. and is a facilitator for Stargates International and is a Certified Dream Coach. This eclectic combination of healing and personal growth modalities has coalesced into who Linda Kubota Byrd is today – a Conscious Awakening Coach!

Since the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January of 2020, when all of our lives stopped and went in different directions, Linda’s did too. She feels she’s been thrust into the public eye, ready or not. She’s had the honor of being a guide for the Astrology Hub in 2020 and 2022, was on the London and Mayo Schools of Astrology faculty for their Student Conference, has done webinars for various organizations, including Astrologer’s Den in Vancouver, Canada. She’s been a repeat guest on TV’s Good Day Sacramento and has been interviewed for various podcasts along with being a presenter for the YouTube Astrology Academy. Linda was humbled and honored to be included in the “Secrets of Master Astrologers” summit along with esteemed astrologers she has admired for years. She has been sharing astrology on livestreams with the Stargate Experience Academy and has built an international practice with clients from Australia to India. It’s all been quite surreal and a testament to what happens when you say “yes”, even if it terrifies you.

Professional Associations:

  • National President of NCGR (National Counsel for Geocosmic Research)
  • Member of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research)
  • OPA (Organization for Professional Astrologers)
  • ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)