Linda was kind enough to come to my home and have a session with my sister via Skype. By the time she had completed the exercises with my sister there was a visible difference in her appearance, and much of the stress and negative energy she had been carrying seemed to have dissipated. We were both very grateful to Linda for her kind and caring manner and her expertise.
~Sharon Koestler – Woodland, CA

The things that have been happening since the other day are mind-boggling I just give thanks and am keeping the best energy. I am just almost falling over myself with the things that are transpiring in a good way. I very much look forward to working with you. This is so exciting I feel like a kid in a candy store thank you and blessings Linda.
~Janet Arnold – El Dorado, CA

Linda is like an encyclopedia with all the knowledge she has from her years of training. But it is when she gets out of the way and allows her natural gifts to surface and herself to be led is when she is truly amazing. It is then that her gifts shine, and they match her sparkly eyes.
~Kat Meisner – Stockton, CA

I just wanted to thank you for the astrology session you shared with me! I loved it, and am still thinking about the planetary influences in moments of my daily life. It’s always nice to know why tendencies exist – the stars are amazing!
~Julieanne Cunard – Mt. Shasta, CA

I would strongly recommend Linda’s class/workshop on the Natal planets. Her approach is an individual as well as a group effort to better understand each Natal planet on a personal level.
-Shirley Nakano – Fair Oaks, CA

Linda’s class was so incredibly beneficial for me. Her method of teaching was so entertaining. Her classes were fun, and because they were fun, I learned more and enjoyed the process. We sat in groups each class based on our astrology, and it was so fun to speak with others with matching or similar astrology. It helped me to feel so connected, and to get to know the people in the class. Our class became very connected and supportive of one another as a result.

She adds humor and makes the astrology concepts easy to understand. She uses funny everyday life examples. Her focus is personal and spiritual growth which comes out in the class. I do feel I have grown, accepted who I am with with pride, and had fun in the process. I highly recommend her as a teacher.
~Elizabeth Yeatts

I’ve been feeling incredible, I am finding myself making plans for the future that are much more bold than my pre conversation self would have.

In all, I have been making a conscious effort to let the Piscean finally come back out to play. I’ve definitely found the confirmation I needed to move forward and trust myself. When you mentioned about how I all of these new things are being uploaded, it made so much sense to me in what has been happening for months, I feel somehow that I have re connected with the source.

It is if I’ve been banging on the television for years, and you walked in, simply adjusted the antennae and “Voila” the picture is now clear!

I am so grateful for you and for Nora’s amazing intuition to bring us all together. I am so excited about the future.
~Ambrus Diossy – Vero Beach, FL

Yes, our team rocks. So does your class BTW. Darlene and I are both really enjoying it. Seems like new ah ha moments are happening every class.
~Sara Fisk – Pollock Pines, CA

You skillfully did the entire evening with grace and ease and made everyone feel comfortable while they were being vulnerable. You were a gift to all.
~Cathrine Glashan – Sacramento, CA

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your class. You are a super teacher and astrologer and I am very impressed with your methods.
-Barbara Crow – Fair Oaks, CA

My two very best friends and I had decided to have Linda come and join us at one of our homes and give us each an astrological chart reading with a bonus of having her do one for the 3 of us together. We had an absolutely wonderful time, spent hours and hours laughing, and being amazed at the connections we all shared. It was a lovely day, a lovely gift to all of us, and we were delighted with Linda’s knowledge, expertise and ability to see connections and similarities that we missed. I highly recommend Linda to anyone with a curiosity about adventuring into this avenue of knowledge. She is REALLY good at this!!

I met Linda at a Stargate event at the spring of 2015 and immediately made a connection with her. I asked her to give me a reading and it was fascinating to hear her say so many things about me and the things I had come to this world to work on. It was a very awakening experience and she helped me understand about my mission in this life and how to go about doing it. …I felt that she was right on target … I also love Linda as a person and she has a lot to offer as a human being. Her astrology helps us put things into perspective and gives us a better understanding of ourselves.
~Ana Maria Rebelo – Santa Cruz, CA

I very much enjoyed meeting with you and appreciate your support and talent. I know that I’m learning a lot about myself through all of this and have you to thank for helping me with that exploration.
~Carolyn Urso – Dallas, TX

I came to the “Inner Committee” hoping to learn a bit about myself. I wasn’t disappointed with the information and the way in which you organized it. It was a new experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
~Carol Bailey – Auburn, CA

The class was truly wonderful. I love when we follow the flow of energy and it is so receptive. Love this information by the way. It is amazing how things are transpiring in the arena of tremendous change with intentional vibrations.
-Genevieve Johnson – Fair Oaks, CA

Linda is an excellent astrologer who immerses herself into each individual and class event. She is a wealth of knowledge concerning events prior, current and future. Each opportunity with Linda demonstrates her attention to detail, as well as heartfelt sincerity. She is dedicated to accurately revealing the facts and mysteries of astrology.
~Dharma Weber – Placerville, CA

Thank you for hosting such a wonderful evening. It was profound for me in some ways, especially the introspection around mother… And all the participants are so open. I will try to make more of them than I’d planned. I like your style a lot. Minimalist and yet profound.
~Kate Sholly – Grass Valley, CA, CA