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June 6–26, 2022Modern Astrology, Linda Kubota Byrd

Suzanne Gerber’s Free Online Summit:
“Modern Astrology for body, mind, soul & plane

Please join me and 14 other esteemed astrologers for a very special event that starts on Monday. I am honored to be invited back to my my friend and colleague Suzanne Gerber’s summit:  “Modern Astrology for body, mind, soul & planet,” and I would love for you to be a part of it. 

This year my topic is Making the Most of THIS Saturn in Pisces” We haven’t had this line-up of planets in these transformational signs in centuries! It’s a rare opportunity for a big leap in consciousness and if you’re reading this, you’re ready!!! 
The summit kicks off on June 5, and when you sign up, you will receive one email a day for three weeks with a new hour-long interview that you’ll have 72 hours to watch or listen to. Plus, all the speakers are offering a free gift to expand your knowledge base! 
You can register for free with this link:
Summit subjects include:• Is Pluto in Aquarius leading a revolution?• What will Saturn in Pisces bring?• Introductions to Harmonic and Galactic Astrology• The many faces of Mars• Centaur Chariklo’s healing grace• How Kuiper Belt Objects affect you• Reframing “scary” configurations• Creating new myths for modern humanity• The astrology of food and nutrition• Journeying and meditating with the planets
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Secrets of Master Astrologers includes an amazing lineup including Frank Clifford, Mark Jones, Lynn Bell, Debra Silverman and many more. View poster to see them all. 





October 14-15, 2023

Astrology Association of Great Britain 55th Annual Conference:
‘Light Emerging from the Shadows’

Linda Kubota Byrd – Befriending Your Chart: From Understanding to Knowing [Online Speaker]It’s Pisces time! Join me as we engage your imagination and explore your chart from a different perspective. Imagine bringing your chart to life and engaging with the different characters that comprise your inner committee. Parts that have been isolated or at odds, negotiating for your highest good, moving from understanding to a deeper knowing.
October 14 – 5:30-6:30 PM (9:30 AM Pacific)
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Past Events


Saturday, March 18, 2:00pm EDT

Synchrony University March Speaker Series

Playing the Game of Life Consciously with the Aid of Astrology

This is an experiential presentation, another title could have been learning astrology from the right side of your brain. We’ll be exploring your chart as it relates to your life. If you feel the call to live a more authentic life, this presentation is for you!



2023 March Speaker Series

I am honored to be included in this esteemed group of astrologers for Nadiya Shaw’s Synchronicity University’s March Speaker Series.





June 6–26, 2022Secrets of Master Astrologers - Linda Byrd

Suzanne Gerber’s Free Online Summit: Secrets of Master Astrologers

Advance your knowledge with teachings you won’t learn in mainstream classes.

My interview is on June 9. Suzanne and I talk about a different approach to learning astrology by experiencing the chart energetically.

My passion is to be an ambassador for astrology, taking it from the left brain memorization of key words, to “getting it” on a deeper level.

We also talk about how the chart serves as a guide to bring awareness to what I call “default settings” and it shows us where we can actually remove energy blockages.

Using energy psychology and other modalities, we can quickly make a tangible difference in our client’s lives, adding great value to what we can provide as astrologers.

  • Your chart is your guide – default settings
  • Living in exciting times – Relationship with planets
  • Waking-up to the quantum field 
  • Raising your frequency for yourself and humanity
  • Adding consciousness and free will to the equations
  • Bridging astrology to the general public

Secrets Summit: all astrologers


Secrets of Master Astrologers includes an amazing lineup including Frank Clifford, Steven Forrest, Carolyn Casey, Daniel Giamario, Debra Silverman and many more. View poster to see them all. 



Thursday, June 16 

Astrology Hub Solstice Panel (Free)

Guidance for the rest of 2020 from Astrologers Linda Kubota Byrd, Nura Rochelle, Jenn Zahrt, Shannon Gill, Adam Sommers and Christopher Renstrom 

Here’s what’s covered:

  • A look into a very popular question right now… “When can I expect these intense energies to be over?”
  • What planetary alignments make this Solstice so special and how you can make the most out of it.
  • What are the next most significant upcoming transits and why?
  • How can you encourage a higher expression of this energy despite the global climate?
  • How you can become an Inner Circle Member and have these Astrologers be your mentors through the end of the year.

Saturday, June 21, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Pacific Time

Stargate Experience Academy – Summer Equinox with Julianne Cunard – (Optional Donation)

Join us on the summer solstice 2020 for a deeper look at the astrological alignments happening during this critical time, followed by Stargate energy transmissions and heart assisted therapy designed to support you in remembering, rebalancing and realigning.

The Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle Series

Learn Astrology in Community with the Masters & Transform Your Life in the Process! Open for a limited time only.

Learn More and Join the Inner Circle to participate in the following and much more:

June 22 

Astrology Hub – Interview (Free)

Thursday, June 27, 12:00 Pacific

Astrology Hub – Cancer New Moon Forecast

I have been honored to be invited back as one of the Astrology Hub’s 2022 guides.  My lunar month starts with the powerful Cancer new moon which is not your typical Cancer Moon!  We’ll be exploring this new moon as it squares Jupiter and semi-sextiles Venus, while Mars and Eris in Aries square Pluto! We’ll be exploring what that means and how it is affecting your life.  We’ll also be discussing the lunar aspects and major planetary aspects and how to work with them during this potent time. This is part of the Inner Circle and enrollment is open until 

Monday, June 28, 12:00 Pacific

Astrology Hub – MasterClass – Meet and Befriend Your Inner Committee To Consciously Create Your Future

Join us as we become better acquainted with the planets in your chart as we look at them as members of your inner committee.  How do they relate to one another, which ones are friends and which ones don’t see eye to eye, how are they predisposed, which ones are stubborn, etc.?  Once your committee is working together toward the same goals, conscious creation is greatly enhanced.  Learn to become the conductor of your life, living from your highest potential.  

This too is part of the Astrology Hub Inner Circle program

Thursday, July 11, 12:00 

Astrology Hub – Capricorn Full Moon Forecast

On this webinar we’ll be exploring the Capricorn Full Moon and how it is influencing your life and all that is happening around us.  It’s hard to know exactly what will be going on in our world at that time, but you can be assured that we’ll still be in a time of transition. Again, we’ll be exploring the lunar aspects and the other planetary aspects and how to best flow with these energies.
Also available for Astrology Hub Inner Circle members
July (date TBD)

Astrology Hub – Questions and Answers


Friday, September 2, 7:30 PM Pacific

Vancouver Astrologer’s Den – Online Presentation 

Aligning with the Cosmos: Riding the Waves of Change with GraceAs we stand on the cusp of the last quarter of 2022, I think we can all agree that more changes are imminent.  This presentation is focused on what kinds of changes we can prepare for and how we can use the wisdom of our charts to flow with the energy. As we all know, resistance brings chaos, surrender brings grace. Combining the gift of “applied astrology” with practical methodologies from ancient wisdom and modern psychology, we’ll be better prepared to make the most of our immediate future and beyond.