Enjoy Your Gift Video

“Trusting Your Innate Inner Knowing – Through the Lens of Astrology”

This special video is about showing the value of astrology in a practical and experiential format — how the chart is “lived”. Because it was recorded on Valentine’s Day, there is an emphasis on Venus and how she helps us understand our love language and that of others. It even covers types of gifts the different Venuses might like.

While it’s basic astrology, it’s presented in a way that both beginners and advanced astrologers will find informative and entertaining Because much of the information came from the 13 years I spent volunteering in personal growth workshops where astrology was applied to how we were conditioned, and how we unconsciously are influenced by our charts, I haven’t seen this information offered before. There’s even a little demonstration of Heart Assisted Therapy.

Also included is an offering at the end on the presentation for a discount on a consultation.


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Astrology Readings for Individuals

Astrology readings are private consultations that include you in the conversation. During an Astrology Reading, Linda first explains your astrological chart: your potential, unconscious tendencies, automatic reactions, or “default settings”. The awareness to unconscious patterns and understanding your “drop-down menu” of responses to life’s circumstances is called Transformational Astrology. Evolutionary Astrology shows us the energies you were born with and your soul’s destination in this lifetime. Your Astrology Reading provides the key to your unconscious; it serves as your “owner’s manual”. All of these invaluable insights are covered in a detailed two hour session that can take place in person, on Skype or over the phone.

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Conscious Awakening Coaching

Do you want lasting transformation?
Many people are transformed after just one session, but if you are looking for deeper self-awareness and long-term, life-altering change, coaching is for you. It will wake you up from your “story,” empower your unique gifts and support you with a new exciting perspective. Conducted by phone or Skype you’ll be guided to consciously create the life you’ll love living.

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